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Unlock the power of Events for Good.

Yes, we produce events. But not only. We are a global community of more than 150 leaders and experts (growing faster every day), around the globe supporting each other in our transformation towards a Circular Society (not only an Economy).

We use the power of collaboration, technologies and entertainment to unite people, break silos and raise awareness on a larger scale by also bringing this education to the public.

Whether we produce virtual or hybrid events, we always put the end-users at the center of our designs to make sure we provide the highest quality experience possible and speak directly to attendees’ emotions to accelerate behavior change.

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Be more than just a logo or a banner. Get matched with other sponsors to co-design our hybrid and entertaining productions and showcase your expertise or innovative circular solution in front of our audience (including our members). Benefit from our marketing vision pre/at/post event and unique formats to extend your reach, have a bigger and true impact on our Society and increase your ROI.

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Make a real difference. Receive support from our global community of professional leaders & experts 365 days a year and benefit from exclusive access to quality content, private and curated virtual networking events (using our matchmaking process), our media package and our community toolbox. All you need to grow and build new creative collaborations while having a great time!

Ask for your own Bespoke event

Interested in having your own event produced by The EA Project? Engagement | Entertainment | Purpose also applies to your unique & special moment. Whether it is virtual or hybrid (in-person with the best use of technologies to extend your reach), we will be entirely dedicated to adding value and impact to your event. Contact us for a review of your project (Consultancy, Design, Production).

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