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Discover a whole new world of Business Opportunities on your route to Net Zero.

Our Sustainable Transition doesn’t have to be only about cutting emissions and making sacrifices. It can also be an exciting journey full of Human and Business OpportunitiesFor Good.

The Circular Economy is a very effective way of limiting our environmental impact and will represent a $4.5 trillion opportunity by 2030.

It also means that almost everything we have known so far during our linear economy, needs to be redesigned, in alignment with the Circular Economy Principles and The Sustainable Development Goals.

Knowing where to start when everybody has been working in silos for years can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

The EA Project can help you accelerate your transition by enabling cross-sector discussions around Circular and Sustainable Solutions leading to new business opportunities with the analyze of your needs and expertise and matching you with new synergies on a regular basis.

We offer new ways of collaborating together to deliver a new positive outcome for us now and for following generations.

Unlock the power of Events for Good.

Yes, we produce events. But not only. We are a global community of more than 215 leaders and experts (growing faster every day), around the globe supporting each other in our transformation towards a Circular Society (not only an Economy).

We use the power of collaboration, technologies and entertainment to unite people, break silos and raise awareness on a larger scale by also bringing this education to the public.

Whether we produce virtual, live events, or activities, we always put the end-users at the centre of our designs to make sure we provide the highest quality experience possible and speak directly to attendees’ emotions to accelerate behaviour change.

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Thank you all for coming to our last events of the year last week! 1) We held our 3rd climate matchmaking event on Tuesday and welcomed our new The Circular Society Network (London) members, 2) We held our first CSN & Partners on Thursday highlighting the opportunities in real estate in a sustainable and circular economy, with…

[Speakers Announcement!] CSN & PARTNERS’ COP27: The Opportunities In Real Estate In A Sustainable And Circular Economy

After the success of our Circular Society Network’s Matchmaking Events in London, we are now launching CSN & Partners during COP 27! This format is a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge with local and sustainable partners in London, host talks and debate, highlight solutions from CSN Members to a new audience whilst we keep building…

Recruitment Volunteers needed – 4 hours a week (flexible)

Are you looking for an opportunity to get more involved in the climate and sustainability space and/or recruitment? Are you interested in contributing to make London a more sustainable and inclusive city? Want to grow your own professional network, empower others into taking action and build meaningful relationships with a community of people making our…


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