The Climate Chill Pub – 2nd Round

Like every Tuesday, this week we had another informal meet up around a drink in our virtual pub to just share updates, talk about the latest news, share what we have on our minds at the moment, ask for advice on projects… We had special thoughts for the people affected by the war in UkraineContinue reading “The Climate Chill Pub – 2nd Round”

The Best Virtual Event for Climate Action I have ever attended

“It is much more engaging than any other virtual event which I participated in during the past two years (nearly 50).” “Really engaging. The speakers are amazing. Their brand, its ethos and as 2 founding CEOs building a brand with purpose, they’re inspirational. I love the gamification of the platform. Looking forward to next events” “The virtual world was fun. The qualityContinue reading “The Best Virtual Event for Climate Action I have ever attended”

The EA Project celebrates its first Anniversary

This means a lot… 2 years ago, I was wondering what I was doing quite frankly and didn’t know where to start. I knew it would be around events, purpose and the digital world, maybe a community. That’s all. I literally decided to quit my comfortable job and everything I had, in order to figureContinue reading “The EA Project celebrates its first Anniversary”

Chantal Amador interviewed on Hubfizz Eco Biz show

Chantal Amador, founder of The EA Project and The Circular Society Network who produce virtual & hybrid events to reach a global audience while limiting impact. Chantal organized shows for up to 7000 people in France from 2008 to 2012 and then joined the corporate world as an executive assistant to leaders in different industries.Continue reading “Chantal Amador interviewed on Hubfizz Eco Biz show”

Disney released their very first NFTs on Veve

And just like that, The Walt Disney Company released their very first official NFTs on Veve a few weeks ago in celebration of Disney Day… The  Disney Golden Moments Collection. 6 Limited & licensed editions Sets of: . The Simpsons (20th Television). Elsa and Mickey Mouse ‘s magic Hat (Disney). Wall-E and Pixar’s Pizza Truck (Disney/Pixar). Iron Man and the logo of Avangers (Marvel). C-3P0 andContinue reading “Disney released their very first NFTs on Veve”

The EA Project is officially in the metaverse!

I went to the club this weekend… from my desk! It’s been all fun and games but let’s get real here…. The EA Project (Virtual & Hybrid Events for Climate Action) is now officially present in the metaverse!!!! The EA Project’s Universe (or metaverse) and our first VR world will be accessible in the following weeks so subscribe to our channel toContinue reading “The EA Project is officially in the metaverse!”

Guess who is going to COP26?

1- Behavior change, unity, and collaboration are crucial factors that can really accelerate our transformation. And it is NOT only professionals’ business. The general public, civil society must get involved, see behind the scenes to feel concerned, feel part of this mission and therefore take action. Unfortunately, climate action does not sound sexy. And so it isContinue reading “Guess who is going to COP26?”

My highlights from International Confex 2021 at ExCeL London:

My highlights from International Confex 2021 at ExCeL London: 👉We talked again about the future of digital events, which doesn’t need to debated anymore clearly… It’s going to happen, so you better embrace our digital transformation if you don’t want to be a victim of it. Oh and by the way, I can’t wait to discover Facebook ‘s metaverse!!! If one company can makeContinue reading “My highlights from International Confex 2021 at ExCeL London:”

The impact of hybrid events in a circular and inclusive society

The power of the event industry since its ‘pandemic’ revolution After the exhibition and events industry lost more than 16.5 billion USD in 2020, the global virtual event market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027. Virtual event platforms have even seen the number ofContinue reading “The impact of hybrid events in a circular and inclusive society”