Smart Energy Grid (Solar) with SUNIFIED

We are happy to introduce you to our second speaker, Leon Gerard Vandenberg (万 利 民), CEO and co-founder of Sunified. Sunified is bringing together exclusive patented technology to build the world’s most efficient, sustainable and profitable solar parks, and will soon showcase its technology on a 28 solar park project along the east coast of Australia. Sunified will deliverContinue reading “Smart Energy Grid (Solar) with SUNIFIED”

The 2000-Watt Smart City Association

2000 watt per person is the amount of constant consumption each person may use in order to be carbon neutral (or what we would rather call, a sustainable level of emissions). The 2000-Watt Concept was initially developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, 1998). The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has thenContinue reading “The 2000-Watt Smart City Association”

Meet our next study case: smart cities and low tech!

Meet Roger A. Jann, partner at 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association at our next CSN event on December, 9th in our brand new virtual Christmas tavern! How it works: 1-Register here: and add the event to your calendar2-Enjoy life and come back later3-Check your emails for updates, instructions and to receive your link to the event + your networking zoneContinue reading “Meet our next study case: smart cities and low tech!”