Will London really become the Global leader of our “Green Revolution”?

Starting a startup during a pandemic and a climate crisis (among other multiple crises of all kinds) sounds a bit like a battlefield. But no matter how many problems there are to resolve, it also results in the same number of solutions that need to be created and opportunities that need to be seized. WeContinue reading “Will London really become the Global leader of our “Green Revolution”?”

The EA Project present at the Futurebuild Expo 2022 – Excel London

I had a great day yesterday meeting professionals from the built environment sector at ExCeL London for the Futurebuild 2022 expo. Many interesting connections established with the actors of our transition. Hemp products, Fungus innovation, many loop Energy systems to enable our buildings to recycle the air we breathe into heat, recycle our grey water,Continue reading “The EA Project present at the Futurebuild Expo 2022 – Excel London”

Smart Energy Grid (Solar) with SUNIFIED

We are happy to introduce you to our second speaker, Leon Gerard Vandenberg (万 利 民), CEO and co-founder of Sunified. Sunified is bringing together exclusive patented technology to build the world’s most efficient, sustainable and profitable solar parks, and will soon showcase its technology on a 28 solar park project along the east coast of Australia. Sunified will deliverContinue reading “Smart Energy Grid (Solar) with SUNIFIED”

The 2000-Watt Smart City Association

2000 watt per person is the amount of constant consumption each person may use in order to be carbon neutral (or what we would rather call, a sustainable level of emissions). The 2000-Watt Concept was initially developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, 1998). The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has thenContinue reading “The 2000-Watt Smart City Association”

Meet our next study case: smart cities and low tech!

Meet Roger A. Jann, partner at 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association at our next CSN event on December, 9th in our brand new virtual Christmas tavern! How it works: 1-Register here: www.eventbrite.com/e/202110878077/?discount=earlybird and add the event to your calendar2-Enjoy life and come back later3-Check your emails for updates, instructions and to receive your link to the event + your networking zoneContinue reading “Meet our next study case: smart cities and low tech!”