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Chantal Amador, founder of The EA Project and The Circular Society Network who produce virtual & hybrid events to reach a global audience while limiting impact.

Chantal organized shows for up to 7000 people in France from 2008 to 2012 and then joined the corporate world as an executive assistant to leaders in different industries.

She ended up working for one of the biggest Construction Groups worldwide, supporting their local subsidiary in their 3 year strategic transformation.

She produced creative co-design, conferences and other formats to showcase their expertise. Working for a consultancy agency in sustainable real estate, she gained awareness about the climate crisis but also related innovations.

When the pandemic hit, she quit her job, sold all her belongings, moved back to the UK to invest all her resources into democratizing sustainability knowledge and enabling global collaborations around the world using virtual events and other production formats possible thanks to technology.

Chantal believes that climate change reflects a people’s crisis and wishes to unite people thanks to Engagement, Entertainment, and Purpose.

She therefore is also creating a global community of leaders in the main industries emitting CO2 backed up by experts in complementary sectors.

Members are matched together depending on their needs or potential synergies at events highlighting concrete solutions to accelerate our transformation.

Chantal has interviews with suppliers and asks them about their supply chain before hiring them.

For in-person events she selects venues and partners in function of their impact (accessibility to public transport, energy…) and capabilities to handle any waste that wouldn’t have been avoided.

She chooses to serve vegetarian food during her events and reduce food packaging at its maximum. She chooses local and seasonal products when possible and avoids goodies.

OFFER FOR VIEWERS: – Chantal is offering free memberships to join The Circular Society Network until end February and people can apply for it on her website:

– It will also be the last day to register to their next event (people can apply for a ticket + early bird membership free of charge until 11.30pm) – go here

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