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Hiring Community Development Volunteers Now The EA Project

Are you looking for an opportunity to get more involved in the climate and sustainability space or Community Development? Are you interested in growing your professional network and building meaningful relationships with influential people making our world a better place? Looking to grow your presence on social media? Then this is for you.


The EA Project (Events for Action) is a young and creative start-up incorporated in 2021 and specialising in the production of events designed to unite people around climate action. Our motto: Engagement | Entertainment | Purpose.

Starting with the professional segment and the main causes of the climate crisis, The EA Project created The Circular Society Network in April 2021, now representing 215 leaders and experts on 6 continents, all working in the most influential industries / emitting the most CO2: Agriculture & Food, Construction and Property, Manufacturing & Retail with a particular focus on Fashion, Transport & Mobility and Energy of course.

In addition to these sectors, our community also includes stakeholders capable to support these sectors in their transition and collaborate together to create more circularities and regenerative models: consultants in Circular Economy, innovative startups, NGOs and more.

Because everything is connected in our ecosystem, this community was created to break silos between these industries and give these stakeholders a place to unite and share their innovations, networks, knowledge, challenges, and successes and support each other whenever it’s needed. It was also created for them to realise how they impact each other, and how they can mutualise efforts and create new business opportunities in positive and inclusive loop systems (circular society), to benefit our environment, our people and our businesses.

We believe that our transition doesn’t only have to be about investing without return or sacrifices, but can be a motor of change. As a matter of fact, we believe it has to be in order to unite professionals in time for this battle.


The EA Project began producing events virtually during the lockdowns, delivering some of the most innovative and engaging 2D virtual events seen during these times and will keep developing this in the future.

Right now, our focus is on the development of our local community in London, which will also benefit our global virtual events in the future.

Different formats of events will be designed and produced to reach specific outcomes. Our first in-person concept was launched during London Climate Action Week 2022 and was a frank success with some participants describing it as a game-changing moment.

The Circular Society Network Matchmaking events are curated and limited events designed to accelerate collaborations between local stakeholders and educate about circular synergies between participants using our matchmaking system and question cards. These events are open to CSN members and non-members working in the specific sectors mentioned above and take place once every two months in a bar in The City of London. Hopefully, this will develop into taking place once every month by 2023. These events will usually take place from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm (team arrival at 5.30 pm).

The “London’s Climate Social Club” will be launched in October 2022. This format will be open to all and will be focused on unique informal local meet-ups and gatherings across the city. The mission of this format is to be more inclusive with a format open to all so we can grow our influence in London (no curation), with a larger price range from more affordable formats like our local markets discovery theme to our higher budget formats focused on creating unique experiences for our larger community to bond and fight climate anxiety (play nights and other experiences in unique venues across London e.g). These events will usually take place from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm (team arrival at 5.30 pm).

CSN & Partners will be launched on November, 17th (during COP27) and will be our first “Presentation format”. Not quite a conference, but a dynamic and engaging event with short presentations/pitches, a roundtable with CSN Members and partners, a debate/Q&A with the audience, and a competitive quiz as part of our Climate League followed by a networking reception. Taking place in Kinnarps’ beautiful showroom in London, our brand new venue partner, this is the first time The EA Project’s founder will be explaining the vision and mission of The Circular Society Network and it will be focused on one of the 5 pillars of the CSN: the built environment/real estate. The goal of the CSN & Partners format is to dive deeper into the educational aspects, have deeper conversations, and develop our strategic pillars whilst highlighting local sustainable venues and organizations across London. These events will usually take place from 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm.


To support our mission and our development, we are currently looking for students or professionals aspiring to get more involved in the climate and sustainability space and develop their professional network and experience in community development to support us for 3 hours a week (or more if you’d like to!) from the comfort of your home (or the beach if you’re lucky!).

Community Development Volunteers will be developing our community by focusing on one of The CSN’s 5 pillars depending on their profiles and interest (the sectors emitting the most CO2 in our atmosphere):

  • Energy
  • Construction/Property/Real Estate
  • Agriculture/Farming/Food
  • Transport & Mobility
  • Industrials & Manufacturers (focus on Materials and the Fashion industry)

Sub-categories like Retail, Finance & Investment, Recruitment, and are also part of all pillars.

We are looking for a minimum of ten volunteers per pillar.

After a 1:1 chat on Zoom and once the first team/pillar is complete, you will receive a group training online where we will provide you with all the tools, information, and tips you will need to succeed.

The ideal volunteer is a very professional team player, social, positive, extremely reliable, excellent communicator (excellent written and spoken English), curious and open-minded, solution-oriented, confident, autonomous, and keen to learn. You should be able to remain focused on repetitive tasks to avoid mistakes and pay attention to detail to offer a tailored and quality experience to a large number of experts and decision-makers on social media platforms.

You will be active on LinkedIn and potentially other social media platforms.


In addition to accessing our events free of charge, you will receive a free CSN membership, access our community of leaders and experts opening the doors to new professional opportunities, and access our private LinkedIn Group and Event WhatsApp Groups after the event to stay engaged with other participants, and more. As a member, you will gain access to other benefits including matchmaking in between events and speaking opportunities if applicable, and in the future, discounts on future events. We will support you on your journey whether it is a professional reconversion or developing your experiences and skills at the beginning of your professional journey.

Most importantly, you will be part of a strong and diverse community focused on taking action for our planet and society and a team that will support you in your growth and personal development.

We are flexible, encourage diversity and inclusion, and are LGBTQ+ friendly.

You can access our list of published events at or visit for more information.

If interested, please email Chantal Amador at as soon as possible with a few words about you and your background and your CV.

Thank you so much for your consideration and support.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


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