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Climate Justice, Diversity and Inclusion

Although these topics wouldn’t be considered as “solutions” or “innovations” by many, for us, it represents the fundamentals of Sustainability. Just like the Sustainable Development Goals demonstrate, social justice, environmental justice, include many topics. Food, water, healthy air for all. Everything is interconnected. And it starts with Climate Justice. Listening to Unheard voices. Building value chains with them, as part of our fragile ecosystem to create a fair balance, for them and our planet. An innovation is something new that hasn’t been done before. It doesn’t have to be high tech. It can be highly Human. Deep Social Change represents innovation. Climate Justice is a solution to many problems: it can empower the most vulnerable with the necessary tools and economics in order to nurture and protect our land, capture more CO2, avoid hunger and wars, empower communities and create infinite value chains. Learn more from our speakers representing unheard voices: Biodiversity, Indigenous and Island Communities, People with Disabilities and Health issues, Gender and Race. Learn More from our speakers. Or Start with an introduction to Climate Justice to understand why it also has an impact on every country here.

The First Coffee Shop for Climate Action.

Hemp is a miracle material for all industries (aviation, energy, manufacturing, food, construction etc). It captures CO2, reduces our environmental impact and creates huge business opportunities. The average coffee shop in Amsterdam generates 6M euros of turnover a year. The global cannabidiol (CBD) market size was valued at USD 2.8 billion in 2020. Now imagine a Foundation reversing all its profits made in these markets into climate actions, empowering farmers, educating people with the help of the indigenous community, artists, activists, and turning customers into impact investors. We are delighted to introduce to you, The Green Revolution Foundation. Read more.

Transforming waste into energy.

Zero Carbon Technologies H2 S.r.l. (ZCT H2) is an innovative start-up based in Milan, Italy, which has developed a one-of-a-kind technology in the market able to give a strong booster to the green transition in the energy and waste sectors, by producing energy without any CO2 emissions, while maintaining efficiency levels equal to those of fossil fuel plants and the profitability of the investments involved. Read more.

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Smart Cities & Low-Tech

Introducing the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association. 2000 watt per person is the amount of constant consumption each person may use in order to be carbon neutral. Discover how this approach is different from the others, usually focused on energy per square meter of building. This system is built around the Sustainable Development Goals and articulates itself around several pillars including Smart Food, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, Smart Governance and more. Read more.

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Circular models for goods (fashion illustration)

Sustainability and slow fashion are at the heart of what Cucumber Clothing does. Every collection is designed, sampled, manufactured, graded and warehoused all within a five mile radius in London. All of Cucumber’s fabrics last up to six times longer than cotton, meaning longer wear and less waste. Read more.

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Smart Solar Parks

Sunified is bringing together exclusive patented technology to build the world’s most efficient, sustainable and profitable solar parks, and will soon showcase its technology on a 28 solar park project along the east coast of Australia.

Sunified will deliver a bigger piece of renewable energy value-chain to investors, creating larger and more consistent returns through elite panel technology, the world’s best solar park engineers and design, and a runway of utility grade 5MW solar parks on premium land. Read more.

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Sustainable And Ethical Food Choices Made Possible For Everyone

OmniAction takes existing metrics and methodologies from across the food system, supports the development of those that are less established, and harmonises the data into one global and unifying framework. Read more

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Biodegradable & Water-Soluble Packaging to Tackle Plastic Pollution

“Aquapak’s patent material is the best solution for the environment as it is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, marine safe and edible by the wildlife.

Our factory will focus on packaging for the fashion industry, apparel, electronics, laundry services, and technical paper lamination.” Read More.

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