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The Circular Society Network, Your Sustainable Matchmaker
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Make a real difference. Receive support from our fast growing global community of professional leaders & experts 365 days a year and benefit from exclusive access to quality content, private and curated networking events (using our matchmaking process), our media package and our community toolbox. All you need to grow and build new creative collaborations while having a great time!

The EA Project was created to break silos and enable collaborations between the main following industries: Agriculture, Transportation, Construction, Industry, supported by leaders & experts in finance/investment, education, governance/policy, energy, mobility, startups, supply chain, retail, etc... On both sides we also support and welcome the expertise of NGOs. We highlight and support sustainable/circular study cases, create new synergies and collaboration opportunities, imagine new ways of working together as a Circular Society.

How could we promote the sustainable and circular transformation of our Society without having our own community of complementary stakeholders and industries?

Especially considering the analysis of technologies and stakeholders journeys we have been doing since the pandemic and the acceleration of the Events industry’s digital transformation.

The opportunity to have an even bigger impact, extend our reach 365 days a year around the globe was not to be missed.

The Circular Society Network was born.

Our members include now almost 200 leaders in more than 20 countries from organizations like Schneider Electric, Nationwide Building Society, World Resources Institute, African Union, United Nations organizations, UK’s Department for Transport, HS2, Carrier, Owens-Illinois, WWF SA, Audi, Carrier Corporation, ABB, Cambridge Cleantech, Amazon (AWS), Tata Consulting, PriestmanGoode, Spiriant, influencers, innovative startups and more.

Graph representing industries and sectors involved

9 June 2021: this graphic reflects a consistent distribution between industries and expertise within our community.

*Energy experts (13%), Environment specialists (11%) and Circular Consulting Experts (11%), Construction/Real Estate (9%), Industry (9%), Finance & Investment (7%), Design (7%), Mobility/Transportation (7%), Supply Chain (5%), Technology/Biotechnology (5%), Retail (4%), Local authorities (4%), Media (4%), Food & Beverages (2%), Manufacturing (2%), Resources (Nature based solutions, Material experts, other resources – 2%)

Graph representing of roles in the community
June 2021
The EA project roundtable

The EA Project also intends to produce entertaining shows for the public to show them “behind the scenes” of our transformation, raising awareness on a larger scale & democratizing sustainability education.

On your left, the future roundtables showcased at our hybrid events: a mix between a TV set and a Theatre show, broadcasted to an international audience.

To learn more, download our call for expression of interest including a mood board here:

The Circular Society Network

The Circular Society Network will be the foundation (or lab) of The EA Project, providing support to professionals 365 days a year, quality content, creating new creative collaborations and attracting open-minded game changers around the globe.

We will be starting our events with virtual networking events where we select and match around 20-25 members together to imagine new synergies or help out each other after analyzing their mutual needs and complementarities.

Keeping in mind that we want to attract, include and get involved the general public in our transformation (with 7.9 billion people on this planet it is about time!), The EA Project will be using (and experimenting!) new technologies and entertaining formats with our professional members too, in order to attract open-minded leaders all around the world, necessary for this project.

Why Climate action should be depressing, boring or only for elites? Event producers can (and should), take responsibility and use their expertise to offer unique experiences, both in terms of content quality but also formats that trigger more positive emotions and therefore, positive actions.

Are you based in London? Gain access to unique networking opportunities, entertaining and educational events in person too! And as a member you will always receive invitations first and exclusive discounts.

The EA Project’s main mission is to unify us all in this transformation as a Society thanks to the winning combo: quality content and entertaining (smart) formats.

We need open-minded experts and leaders to get on board and join our Circular Society Network in order to make this happen.”

Chantal Amador, Founder Director

To sponsor our medias and events, contact us:

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