COP26 was not a sustainable event and this needs to change.

After a week here at COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference, going from prestigious events to cocktails to after parties, from “single use compostable cups” to “eco-friendly” buffets, every single day since I arrived, trying to go where the decision makers are, the only thing keeping me grounded is by walking to the event venues every day.

One thing I have noticed is that when it comes to leaving a venue, most people take Ubers, taxis, to their fancy hotels and fancy restaurants and don’t get to put one foot in the streets of Glasgow to walk through the reality: it’s not only Champaign and appetizers, it is homeless people, food banks, and a lot of waste and over consumption like everywhere… My body today is rejecting all of this and I literally decided to end my #COP26 journey (for that part of it) today!

I will be now focusing on mobilizing The Circular Society Network again, I started meeting members yesterday here in Glasgow yesterday, will continue today and tomorrow, meet up with the COP26 Coalition on Friday and will be on my way back to #London Saturday with great ideas and projects for virtual but also hybrid events for concrete #climateaction and impact.

I also will be focusing on raising awareness among the public and the #eventindustry:

COP26 was not a sustainable event and this needs to change. The events industry needs to step up and take the lead in this transformation to facilitate collaborations, highlight what is important and deserves the spotlight. Educate, unite and raise awareness on a larger scale.

And to do so, our events must understand than we can do so much more than offer single-use “compostable coffee cups” and that what looks as the best sustainable option isn’t always the case.

Chantal Amador, Founder of The EA Project.

Join me, I am honored to be speaking at the inaugural Sustainable Events Show 2021 at the Barbican Centre, London, organized by Prestige Events Magazine on the 25th of November, 2021, as part of the panel:

Social Sustainability – The Responsibility of Events to The Wider Local Community

Event profs, register here:

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