Discover the Women of Action behind The Circular Society Network

Women of Action The EA Project
The women of Action behind The Circular Society Network by The EA Project.

The Circular Society Network, created by The EA Project back in April 2021, includes today 176 members on 6 continents with a healthy gender and diversity representation we are very proud of. Learn more about the Women Of Action behind this new and empowering Community.

Women play a very special and key role in our transition. Just like any gender and any person with their differences and backgrounds which only add more value to every conversation. Not including or supporting a category of people is not only ridiculous, it is dangerous for our planet and Humankind. It creates division, conflicts, wars, and distress in addition of having only half of the information we need in order to make better decisions or to be disruptive enough to provoke that change we need so desperately today.

Unfortunately, today diversity of gender is still under-represented at decision tables, even during events preaching for the Sustainable Development Goals (#5 Being Gender Equality) like the Conference of the Parties (COP) itself.

The EA Project itself is led by a woman, Chantal Amador, who just recently expressed herself about going through 23 years of domestic abuse.

As a little girl, as a teenager, then as a young woman, I wasn’t allowed to have a voice. When I fought to express myself despite the risks, the consequences were often dramatic. And once reaching school and later at the office, even freed from this situation, it was safer but it wasn’t “better” on that aspect. I still had to fight to be heard most of the time. Often belittled, directly or indirectly. We are still judged or not taken seriously for being too pretty or not enough, too fat or too skinny, too “moody” or too nice, smiling too much or not enough, wearing too much make up, not enough, or as never doing or being enough to deserve what the world has to offer like that promotion you were promised, but never will see because, you know, women are naïve and forgive easily.

And this comes from men and even women themselves. Because it has been silenced and tolerated so much for so long, that it reached a point of being so deeply anchored in our cognitive behavior that women are just doing their best evolving in this jungle.

Sometimes I fought back, often I gave up, to end up just focusing on growing my inner self, and finding my people while building a strong resilience.

Now, read that again, and imagine if I also had to deal with extreme poverty, drought, no access to Education, racism or xenophobia.

Today, speaking about this openly is a way to start undoing that knot. A way to give back that voice to women that have been silenced or undervalued too much for no reason, and to represent the voice of women who are still trapped in situations with no options.

That knot is blocking us from communicating freely without fear of judgment, and when we do, we don’t have a chair at the table to share incredible ideas and solutions to benefit the majority. Therefore, this is blocking us from changing the narrative on so many vital aspects for Humanity, including Social Justice, Politics and Climate Action. This has to change. It is vital. If you don’t know where to start, women, men, non-binary, speak up if you can and support others, pull out a chair for them.”

We are very aware that the quality of the events The EA Project is delivering and the progress we are making with growing the community and enabling new collaborations around the globe to accelerate our transition, clearly wouldn’t be the same without the support of some of our very special and diverse members from all over the world. Speakers, Members, Media Partners, Social Ambassadors….Thank you for all the support these past year/months/weeks.

Today, to celebrate Women’s courage, empowerment and achievements on International Women’s Day, we have the honor to celebrate the voices of some of our very special members, most engaged with our community. All opinions expressed here are personal.

Officer at the Haribon Foundation, Philippines

Althea Serad, Corporate Relations Officer at the Haribon Foundation, Philippines – Nature Conservation.

“Women by nature are collaborative and intuitive. This allows us to see and hear different perspectives, all of which play an important role in the grand scheme of things. This safe space that women provide where diversity of ideas come together is what we need to solve the climate crisis, or any crisis, because this way it’s sustainable and no person is left out.”

Marcalee 455x395 px

Marcalee Alexander, Founder and President at Sustain Our Abilities, United-States – Health and Accessibility For All

“Women, often offer a different approach when it comes to caregiving, leadership, and expressing love. 

It is crucial women around the world are given more respect and power to bring their solutions to the climate crisis.”

Marcalee will be speaking at our next event about Climate Justice on March, 24th. Tickets available here.

Co-Founders of Cucumber Clothing

Eileen Willett and Nancy Zeffman, Co-Founders at Cucumber Clothing, United-Kingdom – Sustainable and Circular Fashion

“Speaking as a two ‘mid-life’ female founders (one from an ethnic minority), it is still astonishing to see how often we confound those whose image of a founder tends towards a twenty-year old male, with beard, beanie and single speed bike. We have realized that anyone can make this journey with a great idea, passion, patience and a good dose of common sense.”

Antoinette Vermilye

Antoinette Vermilye, Co-Founder at Gallifrey Foundation & SheChangesClimate and Trustee at City-to-Sea, Switzerland – Ocean & Marine Life Conservation and Gender Equality

““We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein”. If we keep trying to fix the climate crisis through the same male (usually white) lens and do not include the perspectives of the other half of the planet: women in all their diversity- and the most likely to bear the initial brunt – we are not going to get out of this crisis intact.”

Stacey Alvarez 455 x 395 px

Stacey Alvarez de la Campa, Founder at Worldwide Sustainability Warriors, Barbados – Island Communities

“As women, we must always remember to listen to the inner voice of affirmation that echoes whenever we establish our boundaries, and honour the truths that shape the excellence of who we are. It is this inner voice that will eventually become an enduring song of courage that no-one can take away from us, and will give us the strength that we need to face the challenges we encounter along our journey through life.”

Stacey will be speaking at our next event about Climate Justice on March, 24th. Tickets available here.

And all the other women of action behind our organisation and community including our two media partners, Lise Colyer, Co-Founder at Quota.Media (Food Security), Karen Black Founder at The Hubfizz Show (Ecopreneurs), both based in the UK and Tatiana Glouchtchenko, Global PPA Origination Manager at Enel Green Power s.p.a. (Renewable Energy) and Social Ambassador of The Circular Society Network.

“On International Women’s Day, all my thoughts go to every woman and any person being oppressed around the globe, in Ukraine and any other country. Keep standing up until you’re heard and respected. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are worth it. Don’t give up”

Chantal Amador, Founder of The EA Project and The Circular Society Network
Chantal Amador, Founder of The EA Project and The Circular Society Network

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