The EA Project – Events For Action

The EA Project - Events For Action

Unlock the power of Events for Good.

Yes, we produce events. But not only. We Unite People for Good.

We are a global community of more than 175 leaders and experts on 6 continents (and growing faster every day), supporting each other in our transformation towards a Circular Society (not only an Economy) – The Circular Society Network

We use the power of collaboration, technologies and entertainment to unite people, break silos, support organizations in their transition and raise awareness about climate change on a larger scale by also bringing this education to the public. Learn More

Whether we produce virtual, live events, or activities, we always put the end-users at the center of our designs to make sure we provide the highest quality experience possible and speak directly to attendees’ emotions to accelerate behavior change.

Contact Us if you are interested in sponsoring our Global Virtual Events, shows or live events in London. 

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User-centered event productions at the intersection of entertainment and technology to promote sustainable actions.