Hybrid Event Productions

“It’s time for the event industry to take responsibility by raising awareness on a larger scale, reaching a new audience and building a meaningful and supportive community.

Events shouldn’t be for individual niches and a sustainable economy cannot be built with one-way communications.

The EA Project’s mission is to leverage sustainable projects by enabling concrete collaborations & support with complementary stakeholders and industries.

Because everything is connected, it’s time to design events for action.”

— The EA Project

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Events for Action – Virtual & Hybrid events – Official launch

How does this work?

Structure of the roundtables

*4 study cases/physical event/1 day
**1 study case/virtual replay on event platform including live interactions with the speakers
***To gain access to the round table or submit a study case contact us
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This image is showing the Resources used by The EA Project: Entertainment, Optimized networking, on-demand content, website, podcasts, professional EMCEEs, international speakers and audience, interactive event platform, recording live, AV team
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A storytelling timeline built with you*

This image shows the 3 year event plan of the EA Project : Rectify - Repair - Prepare for the inevitable.
*The sustainable solutions highlighted here are suggestions. They depend on each study case selected.

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