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It’s time to GET EXCITED about Climate Action

“Before gaining access to Sustainability Knowledge, I didn’t think I had anything to do with Climate Action. I thought it was for Engineers, Scientists and Politicians only.

3 years later, I left everything behind to create The EA Project and I’m taking action everyday.

Imagine how many other stories could be created just by giving people access to this education and showing everybody can (and should) get involved.”

Chantal amador, founder of the ea project

For the general public and professionals – Join our virtual bar with a drink and hang out with like-minded people from different countries, people you will be able to call friends. Open 24/7, with weekly informal gatherings every Tuesday at 4pm GMT/BST. 1 rule only: Bring a drink and Chill! Registration is recommended but not mandatory to participate.

Team Building Events London with The EA Project

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Open Activities, Guided Tours, Workshops and an exclusive annual event to meet your favorite brands during a Theatre Experience, there is something special for everybody.

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The Sustainable Matchmaker Show and Podcast

Our Blog & The Sustainable Matchmaker Show

Read about our latest news and climate solutions and watch or listen to The Sustainable Matchmaker Show – Learn more about The Circular Society Network Members while they get matched live by our Sustainable Matchmaker! They have 3 questions each and 20 minutes to discover why they were matched together… Will it really be a match?

Our latest Blog Posts

The EA Project How we developed Biodegradable & Water-Soluble Packaging To Tackle Plastic Pollution

Biodegradable and Water-Soluble Packaging in factories to Tackle Plastic Pollution

This month, discover how CSN Member, Raphael Cazalbou, Co-Founder and CEO of PVA PRO (HRK Group), developed Biodegradable and Water-Soluble Packaging in their factories to Tackle Plastic Pollution Raphael Cazalbou Co-owner of the HRK Group which includes two companies, 1 specialised in biodegradable packaging called GPS PLAS and another one called PVA PRO, which specialisesContinue reading “Biodegradable and Water-Soluble Packaging in factories to Tackle Plastic Pollution”

woman wearing mask in supermarket

OmniAction, The Agreed Food Metric making food choices possible – for everyone.

Circular Society Network Member Lise Colyer, is executive director and co-founder of, a global non-profit dedicated to making ethical food choices possible for everyone. OmniAction has developed a sustainability framework for the food system, covering the full environmental footprint, labour rights, land sovereignty, nutrition and safety of food choices. A product is not sustainableContinue reading “OmniAction, The Agreed Food Metric making food choices possible – for everyone.”

Deputy Mayor of Environment and Energy London

Will London really become the Global leader of our “Green Revolution”?

Starting a startup during a pandemic and a climate crisis (among other multiple crises of all kinds) sounds a bit like a battlefield. But no matter how many problems there are to resolve, it also results in the same number of solutions that need to be created and opportunities that need to be seized. WeContinue reading “Will London really become the Global leader of our “Green Revolution”?”

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