The Circular Society Network Connects – April Gathering

Sustainable And Ethical Food Choices Made Possible With OmniAction.

Sustainable And Ethical Food Choices Made Possible

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Who should attend

The EA Project (Events for Action) produces engaging & entertaining events to break silos and enable collaborations between the main following industries: Agriculture, Transportation, Construction, Industry, supported by leaders & experts in finance/investment, education, governance/policy, energy, mobility, supply chain, retail, biodiversity, etc…

Members include board members, managers, experts, founders of large groups, innovative startups, SMEs and NGOs from 6 continents.

We highlight and support sustainable/circular study cases from our Circular Society Network members (non-members are more than welcome to attend), we create new synergies and collaboration opportunities between participants and imagine new ways of working together as a Circular Society.

What’s included

Discover the benefits of attending our events.

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Get Personally Matched by The EA Project
Meet Leaders and Experts thanks to The EA Project
Access New Opportunities thanks to The EA Project

Discover Solutions

Discover every month, a new Sustainable or Circular solution pitched by one of our members (or more!). Every pitch or roundtable enables multi industries and sectors to get inspired!

Get personally Matched

Tell us your needs and expertise and you will be matched with the participants we think can bring you the most value. Discover new synergies and complementarities now!

Meet leaders & experts

Meet in small groups, selected profiles from all around the world, who may be working on a similar project, or may have the connections you need! Participants are pre-selected!

Access new opportunities

The more you participate, the more profiles you discover, the more connections you build and the more opportunities you will get! It’s time to accelerate our transformation!

Happy Circular Society Network Members and Event Participants

Event Program

  • Main stage – Introduction about The EA Project and The Circular Society Network15min
  • Presentation: Sustainable And Ethical Food Choices Made Possible – 30min
  • Open Q&A – 10 min
  • Guidance and placing at your tailored networking zones – 5 min
  • Reflection & Curated Networking at your selected zones – 30min
  • Free networking time. It’s time to move around the space and meet other members or have 1:1s
  • End of the event at 10:30 or when you decide to leave and after you have participated in your matchmaking session (please do not register if you cannot attend the entire event so we can introduce the people you’ve been matched with)!

Speaker Announced:

Lise Colyer is executive director and co-founder of, a global non-profit dedicated to making ethical food choices possible for everyone.

Lise Colyer is executive director and co-founder of, a global non-profit dedicated to making ethical food choices possible for everyone.

OmniAction has developed a sustainability framework for the food system, covering the full environmental footprint, labour rights, land sovereignty, nutrition and safety of food choices.

A product is not sustainable if just its carbon was measured. It needs to score well for all its environmental, social and nutritional impacts. 

Tickets & Registration

OmniAction Event


Do NOT register if you are not sure about participating in the entire event (pitch/roundtable + networking sessions = approx.1h to 2h depending on the format).

Your absence may penalize other participants looking forward to meeting you.

Members who register and do not attend (or do not inform us about their absence 48h before the event) will receive a warning. After 3 warnings they will lose their membership.

External registrations (non-members) not honoured will remain in our records and this may affect your application if you desire to join the community in the future.



*Except if your registration is rejected by The EA Project: this may happen in case of an incomplete registration form or if we do not see any synergies between your profile and our mission

Requirements (Read before registration):

A good internet connection, a quite recent computer, Google Chrome or Firefox and access to a computer with a keyboard, webcam, mic and mouse. 

Additional information (Read before registration):

Photographs and/or filming will be taken at the event, which may be used in post Event publicity and future marketing materials. By completing registration, the participant consents to the official photographer and/or videographer taking such photographs and/or video, which may feature the participant, and the use of such photographs and/or video as described. Private conversations (including all networking sessions) will not be recorded.

Thank you for your understanding.

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