How Culture is Intertwined with Biodiversity and Why Indigenous Communities should take the lead with Reforestation

With our Global Climate Justice virtual event approaching this week, our member and next speaker Rituraj Phukan, gives an interview to our Media Partner, Quota.Media to explain how the hundreds of indigenous communities in India contribute to biodiversity conservation through their culture and their food but also how climate change is impacting them. Fascinating.

Our culture is intertwined with the biodiversity around us. Biodiversity laws, climate change, these all have consequences that affect food and culture. Our culture, food and traditions are all part of our human rights.
“Protecting biodiversity is linked to protecting natural areas that Indigenous Peoples occupy or manage historically.”

He perfectly explains this further with down-to-earth illustrations, like communities maintaining the sources for 110 ingredients composing their home made beer for example, leading to the conservation of many biodiversity species and others definitely worth a read.

Meet Rituraj Phukan this Thursday 24th March, during our Climate Justice and Unheard Voices, in our 2D virtual world, ask him questions and get matched with other attendees to take action.

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Rituraj Phukan, Member of The Circular Society Network by The EA Project
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