Hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle receives a grant

White and futurist look for this van prototype from Innervated Vehicle engineering

Innervated Vehicle engineering received a grant from UK’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles in partnership with Innovate UK to develop proof of concept of a 3.5 tonne commercial vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell that can deliver a range of over 341 miles (with rapid re-fuelling). There are 2.25 million 3.5tonne Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs) just in the UK. This would considerably reduce our emissions but also the production of batteries, difficult to recycle (they do require the use of smaller batteries);

“Electric Vehicles can be delivered through two key technologies, either battery or hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle. To date, this response is primarily through the development of BEV’s which for commercial vehicles (3 tonnes and upwards) have significant drawbacks of limited payload and range.

Innervated Vehicle engineering directly addresses these drawbacks by developing a zero-emissions Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV) using its Product information Management (PiM) system delivering a one-for-one replacement for existing Diesel LGVs with equivalent range, payload and performance.”

Source: Innervated Vehicle engineering 


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