How can we build a circulardiverse and inclusive Society if we keep doing the same things, with the same people, in our same bubbles and silos? Oh and this message is for everybody out there, not only the big nasty companies who pollute our planet everyday! But also the people who think they already do enough.

Everything is pointless if we don’t mix and go out of comfort zones, be curious & genuine. You don’t have time for this? You need to reconsider your priorities. Nobody will actually “waste” time building anything on a dangerous foundation.

I often mention behavior change as a crucial science to take into consideration to evaluate our actions and progress when it comes to our transformation. But everything starts with a leader.

A leader is someone who leads the way and makes difficult decisions that do not always please everyone. Not even themselves.

It’s not a title you give yourself, it’s a way people feel about you. It’s the achievements you have made with the community you have built through thick and thin because people believed in you and supported you.

Many people self-proclaimed leaders are not.
Many people having the power to lead the way are not even aware they can.

And what does it take? What needs to be done today, in a crisis like we are in today?

1- Mix with other people: Going out of your comfort zone to constantly mix with others and learn from others, gain a new perspective, so you can make the best decision for your business, people and our planet.

2- Stop being self-centered: You have absolutely no idea how much other people, other sectors & industries, NGOs… can add value to your business and our Society.

You don’t have time? If you think so, this means you need to do this more than anybody else. So give it a try, at least 1 hour every month.

Go to a circular event, read a book or an article about how other industries, countries are transforming themselves.
How are they trying to implement circular models and with whom?

Do they design an entire concept on their own and then build the team around it? Or have they mixed and discussed with a diverse and inclusive team before, then thought and designed a concept together, to be aware of the impact of every decision they make on others = our Society = ou Planet?

1 hour. I think it’s the least we can do if we don’t want half the planet burning right?

And honestly, spending all that time working on projects that are so self centered they will loose value doesn’t make sense today!

The motor of any change is people. Invest your time in discovering how rich doing this can be.

3- Don’t be afraid to step up and call out on situations or people when needed: Of course there are many ways to do this, and I believe that when it comes from a place of compassion & questioning rather than judging, it can go a long way instead of creating more division.

Take action now. Spend your January 1 hour at our next circular event:

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