Marcalee Alexander

Marcalee Alexander Climate Justice Roundtable March 2022 The EA Project online event

Sustain Our Abilities

Founder and President – Proud Member of The Circular Society Network by The EA Project

Marcalee Alexander, MD has been an expert in rehabilitation medicine since 1983. Throughout her career, she has focused her work on quality of life and the impact of climate change on persons with disabilities. In 2019 as a means to motivate people to embrace a need for action, she began an awareness walk from Canada to Key West regarding climate change, disability and the need for an accessible, health-promoting environment. Subsequently she founded and is president of Sustain Our Abilities and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Climate Change and Health.

In December 2021, a personal tragedy prompted her to realize the need to expand her focus to include the need for a Green Renaissance to Accelerate a Healthy Atmosphere for Mankind. She believes community can conquer climate change and is working to establish The Day for Tomorrow as a time for people to come together in community to promote awareness and action regarding climate justice, climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Meet Marcalee at our Climate Justice Online Conference on March 24, 2022
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