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Quota.Media is a news and events title unifying 25,000 global food systems
professionals across business, research and policy.

We also have a growing readership among the “food curious” – activists who are
increasingly aware of the relationship between food and its impact on the
environment, unfair work practices, poor animal welfare and poor food safety.

The world produces enough to feed us all, yet hunger and malnutrition kill 30,000
people a day. It’s because of a disconnect between how food is produced,
accounting practices, and acknowledging the damage the industry causes.

With this in mind we took up an advocacy role at this year’s UN Food Systems
Summit, bringing together the World Business Council for Sustainable
Development, Google, WWF and the World Benchmarking Alliance.

You can watch our event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCKXXEXs6Yg
And there’s a little more background here: https://quota.media/bridge-the-gapbetween-consumers-and-producers-urges-prof-tim-lang/ and here:

Quota.Media is dedicated to fixing the food system. We are only on the side of
food security – our views are otherwise agnostic. Our readership is evenly spread
across the globe, so we are “big” in Africa, Malaysia and South America as well as
Europe, the UK and North America. And our readership is generally at manager
level and above – placed to influence change in the food system.
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