The CSN London Launch London Climate Action Week

The EA Project and its Circular Society Network are coming to London and launching their first in-person, circular matchmaking event!

Here we are… 1 year after launching online during the pandemic, 188 members later, on 6 continents, and 6 virtual events, The EA Project will be producing its first in-person event for professionals in London!

Do you work in Agriculture/Agritech/Food & Drink Industry, Construction/Property, Manufacturing/Supply Chain/Packaging, Energy, Retail, Finance/Investment, Transportation/Mobility, Consultancy, or Innovation?

Join The Circular Society Network to make London a Circular City and accelerate our transition.

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We welcome two main categories of professionals:

  1. Those who work in the industries mentioned above, who are curious and want to learn why we have to, and how to make business differently, with a positive impact that also creates new business opportunities and value loops
  2. Those who work in Sustainability, are happy to support those who are new to the topic, whilst also learning from others in different sectors.

Our events are a safe place for everybody, and we apply a zero-judgement and “sustainability shame” policy. We are here to understand your challenges and help, not judge.

Our Sustainable Transition doesn’t have to be only about cutting emissions and making sacrifices. And it concerns everybody.

It can also be an exciting journey full of Human and Business Opportunities…For Good.

The Circular Economy is a very effective way of limiting our environmental impact and will represent a $4.5 trillion opportunity by 2030.

During London Climate Action Week, join us for our London launch and get personally matched with other attendees working in the most influential industries and sectors, to learn how to work in a more circular way together.

VENUE: The Drift, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY (Salesforce Tower) – REGISTRATION REQUIRED

THURSDAY 30TH JUNE – 6.30PM – 8.30PM

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You will be matched with a selected group of attendees who will be looking forward to meeting you so we ask you to please be considerate of others and not show up late!

There will be some nibble food available from the start of the event until it runs out and attendees are invited to purchase additional drinks or food at their own expense.

(Dress Code: Smart Casual (no trainers, no sportswear and no hats))

(ID required: The venue is a licensed premise and therefore may require identification such as a driver’s licence/passport to be presented on arrival)

(Covid 19: All attendees attend this event at their own risk and for the safety of other attendees we would ask that you please do not attend the event if at the time of the event you are infected with or currently displaying symptoms of Covid 19. We also reserve the right to refuse entry to the event to anyone so infected or displaying such symptoms)


We deliver experiences participants look forward to discovering, rather than making our sustainable transition a burden.


Knowing where to start when everybody has been working in silos for years can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

The EA Project creates creative and engaging events that help us accelerate our Sustainable transition by enabling cross-sector discussions around Circular and Sustainable Solutions leading to new business opportunities and “value loops” ecosystems.

We give a place for these discussions to occur so we can learn to collaborate in ecosystems rather than silos, enabling us to deliver a new positive outcome for us now and for the following generations.


We match participants together! In a direct way (offer/demand) and also in a way that creates new VIRTUOUS AND CIRCULAR synergies with complementary sectors and experts, helping them think outside of the box (silo)!


Founded during the pandemic in 2021, The EA Project has been creating a cross-sector, digital & global community of 187 leaders and experts on 6 continents* since April 2021.

Members include various profiles, from C-level executives of major Brands and Companies to NGOs and innovative startups.

London is a global city, perfect to launch our in-person events replicating this virtual concept.

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Chantal Amador is the founder of The EA Project, based in London.

Originally from London, in 2009, Chantal produced her first public entertainment events in collaboration with unique artists and performers in the biggest venues in Orleans and Paris (France).

In 2014, she started assisting leaders in multi industries & sectors before joining one of the biggest Construction groups worldwide in 2017, to promote the transformation and brand new services of one of their local subsidiaries, a consulting and engineering company specializing in Sustainable Real Estate, Smart & Resilient cities.

She had the chance to design, produce and coordinate successful and unique corporate events, conferences, co-design workshops, and panel discussions and develop her skills in sustainability, human adaption to change, and consulting during this period.

She is trained in communication, marketing, management, sustainable and socially responsible event catering, waste reduction and zero food waste events, recycling, sustainable scenography, sustainable mobility, and more.

Chantal joined an association for sustainable events in 2019 where she was part of the team creating a new label for eco-friendly and socially responsible events before moving back to London in December 2020 for this new mission.

In 2021, Chantal incorporated The EA Project and created The Circular Society Network to use all her skills combined to accelerate our transition. She became a Sustainable Procurement Ambassador & Climate Reality Leader the same year, trained by former US Vice-President Al-Gore.



Do NOT register if you are not sure about participating, if you think you will be way too late to the event, or if your profile does not fit into any of the categories mentioned above or in the registration form. The EA Project may cancel your registration if your profile does not represent a good fit for our attendees (e.g: Marketing professionals, Sales automation services, photographers, etc…). We apply a zero refund policy.

Your absence may penalize other participants looking forward to meeting you.



Thank you for your understanding.

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