My highlights from International Confex 2021 at ExCeL London:

My highlights from International Confex 2021 at ExCeL London:

👉We talked again about the future of digital events, which doesn’t need to debated anymore clearly… It’s going to happen, so you better embrace our digital transformation if you don’t want to be a victim of it. Oh and by the way, I can’t wait to discover Facebook ‘s metaverse!!! If one company can make immersive worlds accessible to a large number it’s definitely Facebook in my opinion so this is pretty exciting….

👉We learnt more about how sustainability was anticipated in the organization of Cop26 Glasgow thanks to project manager David Zolkwer and Director of conference sales Kathleen Warden and the impact such event has on locals

👉We shared good practices in order to bring more diversity, inclusion but also equity in our companies structure and events productions

👉 TikTok was there to talk about their vision of hybrid events

👉 We mentioned the importance of building year-round communities, not only producing events (amen!)

👉Oh, and ABB was exposing their e-Formula 1!

Chantal Amador, Founder

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