Our member Attila Suba gives an interview to Quota

I am very proud to share this interview of our Circular Society Network member, Attila Suba, with our media partner Quota.Media (thanks again for highlighting this incredible story!).

In anticipation of COP26, listen to them talk about the positive role hemp can play in climate action and in our food systems (in addition of so many other sectors too!).

This miracle resource can create so many material/ingredient alternatives in all sectors (manufacturing products, food, construction, energy…), support people most impacted by climate change consequences (clean water, food…) and the Green Revolution Foundation ‘s innovative ecosystem of coffee shop franchise represents a revolution in consumers empowerment and gives a concrete, scalable tool for climate action financing.

A must watch video this week!

To learn more, join The Circular Society Network next Thursday, 28th of October at 5pm BST to listen to Attila’s pitch, meet him and network with other leaders and experts: https://bit.ly/3ntS4HV (REGISTRATIONS END TODAY MIDNIGHT)

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