How can we build a circular, diverse and inclusive Society if we keep doing the same things, with the same people, in our same bubbles and silos? Oh and this message is for everybody out there, not only the big nasty companies who pollute our planet everyday! But also the people who think they already do enough. Everything is pointless if weContinue reading “I URGE YOU TO GO OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE”

Guess who is going to COP26?

1- Behavior change, unity, andĀ collaborationĀ are crucial factors that can really accelerate our transformation. And it is NOT only professionals’ business. The general public, civil society must get involved, see behind the scenes to feel concerned, feel part of this mission and therefore take action. Unfortunately, climate action does not sound sexy. And so it isContinue reading “Guess who is going to COP26?”

The Circular Society Network

How could we promote the sustainable and circular transformation of our Society without having our own community of complementary stakeholders and industries? Especially considering the analysis of technologies and stakeholders journeys we have been doing since the pandemic and the acceleration of the Events industry’s digital transformation. The opportunity to have an even bigger impact,Continue reading “The Circular Society Network”