19 AUGUST 2022 The EA Project (Events for Action) is a creative event production company focused on accelerating our transition and uniting all people around climate action. The Circular Society Network is the curated community of professionals created by The EA Project in 2021, to create events and business matches with and for experts andContinue reading “THE EA PROJECT LAUNCHES THE CSN CLIMATE LEAGUE”

Guess who is going to COP26?

1- Behavior change, unity, and collaboration are crucial factors that can really accelerate our transformation. And it is NOT only professionals’ business. The general public, civil society must get involved, see behind the scenes to feel concerned, feel part of this mission and therefore take action. Unfortunately, climate action does not sound sexy. And so it isContinue reading “Guess who is going to COP26?”

Don’t miss our Halloween Launch events!

Are you ready to get matched? I’m so excited The Circular Society Network will hold its first virtual networking events in its 2D open mic café. FINALLY! If you are a member I have selected 3 other members just for you and you may already have received an invitation already. If not you will receive it earlyContinue reading “Don’t miss our Halloween Launch events!”