The EA Project present at the Futurebuild Expo 2022 – Excel London

I had a great day yesterday meeting professionals from the built environment sector at ExCeL London for the Futurebuild 2022 expo. Many interesting connections established with the actors of our transition. Hemp products, Fungus innovation, many loop Energy systems to enable our buildings to recycle the air we breathe into heat, recycle our grey water,Continue reading “The EA Project present at the Futurebuild Expo 2022 – Excel London”

The 2000-Watt Smart City Association

2000 watt per person is the amount of constant consumption each person may use in order to be carbon neutral (or what we would rather call, a sustainable level of emissions). The 2000-Watt Concept was initially developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, 1998). The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has thenContinue reading “The 2000-Watt Smart City Association”

Support The First Coffee Shop for Climate Action in Amsterdam

Attila Suba, Founder & CEO of The Green Revolution Foundation Hemp is a miracle material for all industries (aviation, energy, manufacturing, food, construction etc). It captures CO2, reduces our environmental impact and creates huge business opportunities. The average coffee shop in Amsterdam generates 6M euros of turnover a year. The global cannabidiol (CBD) market size was valued at USDContinue reading “Support The First Coffee Shop for Climate Action in Amsterdam”

The Circular Society Network

How could we promote the sustainable and circular transformation of our Society without having our own community of complementary stakeholders and industries? Especially considering the analysis of technologies and stakeholders journeys we have been doing since the pandemic and the acceleration of the Events industry’s digital transformation. The opportunity to have an even bigger impact,Continue reading “The Circular Society Network”