Disney released their very first NFTs on Veve

And just like that, The Walt Disney Company released their very first official NFTs on Veve a few weeks ago in celebration of Disney Day… The  Disney Golden Moments Collection. 6 Limited & licensed editions Sets of: . The Simpsons (20th Television). Elsa and Mickey Mouse ‘s magic Hat (Disney). Wall-E and Pixar’s Pizza Truck (Disney/Pixar). Iron Man and the logo of Avangers (Marvel). C-3P0 andContinue reading “Disney released their very first NFTs on Veve”

Guess who is going to COP26?

1- Behavior change, unity, and collaboration are crucial factors that can really accelerate our transformation. And it is NOT only professionals’ business. The general public, civil society must get involved, see behind the scenes to feel concerned, feel part of this mission and therefore take action. Unfortunately, climate action does not sound sexy. And so it isContinue reading “Guess who is going to COP26?”

What’s coming up next? The Sustainable Matchmaker!

Two Circular Society Advocates are matched together. They have 3 questions and 20 minutes to discover why… Will it really be a match? Don’t miss the first (introduction) episode! It will be streamed on Twitch at 4pm BST this Monday. I will be explaining what The EA Project is all about, telling more about TheContinue reading “What’s coming up next? The Sustainable Matchmaker!”

Join us at The Event Production Show on May, 26th at Farnborough International Airport!

Getting ready for tomorrow! I’ll be representing The EA Project – Virtual & Hybrid Events for Climate Action at The Event Production Show at Farnborough Airport. Sustainis a topic that will be discussed with Paul Reed from the Association of Independent Festivals, Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle, Christopher Johnson, from SHAMBALA FESTIVAL LIMITED and Claire O’Neill from A Greener Festival Ltd. The #Diversity & #Inclusion discussion will unfortunately take place at the exact same time forcingContinue reading “Join us at The Event Production Show on May, 26th at Farnborough International Airport!”