The 2000-Watt Smart City Association

2000 watt per person is the amount of constant consumption each person may use in order to be carbon neutral (or what we would rather call, a sustainable level of emissions).

The 2000-Watt Concept was initially developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, 1998). The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has then authorized the 2000 Watt Smart Cities Association to deploy this concept internationally.

Focused on increasing energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies, but also on changing the consumer and user behavior, this label does not focus on energy/m² of buildings but enables us to measure each person’s energy consumption!

The 2000-Watt Smart Cities framework is based on 6 pillars, representing strategic approaches to reach the target of 2000 watt per capita.

These 6 pillars, built around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also represent unique new markets of development and investment in the Construction & Infrastructure sectors, governance to take the lead in sustainable urban development, the transportation, food and tech sector.

1- Smart Centrality: housing, mobility, health and security, education…

2- Smart Mobility: including Motorized Individual Traffic, facilities and strategies, public transport, users personas…

3- Smart Energy & Environment: clean and adequate water & electricity supply, sanitation, solid waste management…

4- Smart Buildings: comfort, management, optimization, life cycle costs…

5- Smart Food and Tech Centers: bringing agriculture and research centers closer to the cities to create more jobs, boost fresher and cheaper food production for the local population while limiting transportation…

6- Smart Governance: structured opportunities for exchange and feedback with stakeholders (internal and external), digitalization, e-governance and citizen participation…

Learn more about this solution on December, 9th, 2021 at 5pm GMT during our next virtual event: The Circular Society Connects for Christmas, and listen to Roger Jann’s pitch, partner at the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association.

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