The Climate Chill Pub – 2nd Round


Like every Tuesday, this week we had another informal meet up around a drink in our virtual pub to just share updates, talk about the latest news, share what we have on our minds at the moment, ask for advice on projects…

We had special thoughts for the people affected by the war in Ukraine and we discussed about the impacts this has and will continue to have on our Energy Sector, our Emissions and Planet, and also how this affects the Island Communities and the Global Economy in general…

The Climate Chill Pub

When about to leave, we bumped into a new visitor and then began speaking about DAOs and how the Crypto Community works, how it is supporting the situation in Ukraine and how NGOs can benefit from this new movement.

This is The Climate Chill Pub by The EA Project – Your Sustainable Matchmaker. You never know who you’re going to bump into, what we will be talking about, just like when you’d go to the Pub in real life. One thing we know is that it’s always rich in smiles, information and tips in various domains.

Thank you for sharing another great time with me on Tuesday Rituraj Phukan, Stacey Alvarez de la Campa, Attila Suba, Salvatore Aita…

Special thanks to Tatiana too x

See you next Tuesday, same link, same time: Tuesday, 4pm GMT in The Climate Chill Pub, open to all, everywhere via a simple click: HERE

(And yes, my virtual camera just chopped one of my fingers off!)

For the general public and professionals – Join our virtual bar with a drink and hang out with like-minded people from different countries, people you will be able to call friends. Open 24/7, with weekly informal gatherings every Tuesday at 4pm GMT/BST. 1 rule only: Bring a drink and Chill! Registration is recommended but not mandatory to participate.

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