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Exciting news! – Attila Suba, CEO of the Green Revolution Foundation and The EA Project were mentioned in the #news this week! 😎🎉

Attila says: “Business is waking up and looking for sustainable projects. So the EA matchmaking project is amazing and necessary.

Read the interview here:

A mind-blowing interview with Quota.Media about a project that could really change the game on so many levels.

Attila Suba is looking to found a franchise of coffee shops, raising funds for climate change solutions, including the use of hemp to support regenerative agriculture and food security.

“We’re looking for 3 million euros to buy the coffee shop that we’ve found in Amsterdam,” he says.

“Then, our goal is to raise 100 million euros in the first year through coffee shops and put these funds into the areas which are impacted, where people are suffering around the world.

“We are focusing on farmers and the farming community. When we talk to farmers, they are very keen to use hemp to solve their problems.”

Attila Suba will be pitched at our Circular Society Network connects event this Thursday.

Exciting times to come!!!

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