The EA Project celebrates its first Anniversary

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This means a lot… 2 years ago, I was wondering what I was doing quite frankly and didn’t know where to start. I knew it would be around events, purpose and the digital world, maybe a community.

That’s all. I literally decided to quit my comfortable job and everything I had, in order to figure this out.

I didn’t design and beta test for years, I just dived into the unknown hoping the fear would make me make some crazy achievements in a short amount of time. The hardest part was that. Making the decision to start and committing to it. Having faith.

I just knew that with the pandemic and our digital transformation accelerated by 10 years I had to make something good about this, 1 step at the time. It was the right time.

I’ve been working so hard this past year trying to make this happen and don’t count the sacrifices. But it is definitely worth it, just for the people I got to meet along the way, the climate solutions we’ve already supported and the knowledge I’ve gained and we’ve shared.

Here are some of the key achievements of year 1:

  1. Incorporation of The EA Project of course, back in February 2021, creation of The Circular Society Network end of April 2021, reaching our first 75 members by June.
  2. Our first virtual event for professionals during Halloween with Attila Suba and the Green Revolution Foundation (Official Launch proving the 2D world concept with profs)
  3. Proving our concept of unity by raising awareness to the general public too, and in 60+ countries using gamification with Gather
  4. Our first media coverage by Quota.Media
  5. Speaking at The Sustainable Events Show to defend the values of Social Responsibility Event Professionals should represent
  6. COP26 of course ! Meeting Rituraj Phukan, member and friend of mine now
  7. Being mentioned in EventMB (Metaverse), one of the biggest international blogs for Event Professionals
  8. Investing in my first AR NFTs with The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Studios and Universal for virtual events 3.0, and the creation of our first 3.0 Universe channel on AltspaceVR
  9. The launch of our 2D World updated for our 3rd event and the INCREDIBLE positive feedback received since!

Year one was about beta testing and building our brand.
Year two will be about finalizing our proof of concept on the market and scaling. A determinant year.

This won’t be possible without the support of Attila Suba, Rituraj Phukan, Roger A. Jann, Lise Colyer, Rica Bünning, Karen Black, Althea Serad, Tatiana Glouchtchenko, Bernhard Knoche, Ian Smart, Anne Spalding, Marcelo Sabanes, Jeremie Diboine, Eileen Willett, Nancy Zeffman, Joakim Isoaho, Maliha Shoaib and all 174 CSN members to date.

Thank you so much for your support and I’m looking forward pursuing this journey together!

Celebrate with us

Join us every Tuesday at 4pm GMT/BST for a casual drink with like-minded people, professionals and citizens, all united for Climate Awareness and Climate Action.

Attila Suba and Chantal Amador, meeting in-person in Glasgow during COP26
Attila Suba and Chantal Amador, meeting in-person in Glasgow during COP26

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