The EA Project is officially in the metaverse!

Selfie Metaverse

I went to the club this weekend… from my desk!

It’s been all fun and games but let’s get real here…. The EA Project (Virtual & Hybrid Events for Climate Action) is now officially present in the metaverse!!!!

The EA Project’s Universe (or metaverse) and our first VR world will be accessible in the following weeks so subscribe to our channel to be updated about our first VR event!

Channel link:

And you know what? You don’t even need a headset.

Watch the video in full screen with the sound on and have a quick look at what our future virtual events will look like (from my avatar’s eyes).

Members from The Circular Society Network will be able to meet and collaborate from all over the world like we do already in our 8bit Nintendo aspect virtual world (which we will still keep using because not everybody is comfortable using VR) but they will definitely create such a deeper connection in the metaverse…

I have so much fun there and literally forget I am in a virtual environment sometimes because these avatars have so many expressions, you get to feel all the “in real life” emotions related to human connections. Mind-blowing.

2022 Get ready!!!

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