19 AUGUST 2022

The EA Project (Events for Action) is a creative event production company focused on accelerating our transition and uniting all people around climate action.

The Circular Society Network is the curated community of professionals created by The EA Project in 2021, to create events and business matches with and for experts and leaders in the most influential industries of our time / the main industries that emit CO2.

Engagement, Entertainment, Purpose is the motto of The EA Project. Uniting all people around climate action can only happen by speaking to people’s emotions and making them understand how important they are in our transition to create a sense of unity on a common mission. Creating experiences people look forward to instead of making our transition a burden is key in that process.


To strengthen and reward its community for taking action, The EA Project is launching The CSN Climate League, composed of 4 houses:

  • Red Fox
  • Royal Python
  • Blue Whale
  • Golden Eagle

Each house will be composed of active CSN Members, based in London, or abroad.


The first members to join a house will be the participants present at our next CSN matchmaking event taking place on September 30th, 2022. At check-in, participants will participate in a draw to discover which house they will be joining for the 2022-2023 season.


In order to determine which house will be winning the cup during our annual ceremony, a point system will reward individual achievements throughout the year:

  • 5 points for participating in every CSN Matchmaking event
  • 5 points for participating in every London Climate Social Club event
  • 8 points for participating in the CSN Annual Event
  • 10 points for participating in every CSN Global Virtual events
  • 15 points per interview/podcast or speaking opportunity
  • 20 points per blog
  • Points can also be collected during events during quizzes or other occasions and challenges.
  • Extra golden points may be assigned for high engagement, support and advocacy throughout the year and will be announced on the day of the annual event.
The CSN Climate League – Teaser Video

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