The EA Project present at the Futurebuild Expo 2022 – Excel London

I had a great day yesterday meeting professionals from the built environment sector at ExCeL London for the Futurebuild 2022 expo.

Many interesting connections established with the actors of our transition.

Hemp products, Fungus innovation, many loop Energy systems to enable our buildings to recycle the air we breathe into heat, recycle our grey water, transform our public infrastructures into Biodiversity habitats, sometimes while enabling positive Social impacts…encouraging.

The EA Project present at Futurebuild 2022 London

I was pleasantly surprised to see activist groups and NGOs or Social Enterprises like the Architects Climate Action Network, The Woodland Trust, Greenpeace UK or Dream Networks C.I.C, had very insightful conversations about the way we communicate and get involved people in the process thanks to Entertaining Education,

And we also mentioned how Artificial Intelligence can be very helpful for the sector in their transition to optimize pretty much everything but how the skills can be hard to find sometimes.

I also heard many stakeholders say how they need to collaborate with the Agriculture sector, the Finance sector and Policy makers… to everybody but them! We need to bring them into the room!

The EA Project – Your Sustainable Matchmaker – was very much welcomed !
Connect with us to get on board on Circular Events, get matched and start saving some time for you and our planet.

It was great to see all these innovations and be able to do some quick matchmaking live trying to connect exhibitors together.
It was also a good opportunity to represent some of our Circular Society Network members like Attila Suba, Peter Miles, Rituraj Phukan and more… and made interesting contacts for a future roundtable in the next following weeks….

I’m already looking forward to next exhibitions like this, in different sectors to bring everybody around one same table to continue building a Circular and Sustainable Society together.

I LOVE when people listen to me the first time they are like: “Hum yeah that would be amazing to have everybody around the same table, but it’s too complicated, great idea though” and then they have the biggest eyes when they see I’m not joking.

We are doing this. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done, but let’s convert the work into opportunities and let’s get this exiting journey started now. I’m not going to wait for someone to do what needs to be done now. I will just do it myself and with the help of 175 people on 6 continents already on board to date.

It’s not that crazy all of sudden right?

Welcome to Events for Action.

See you on Thursday, 24th for our next 2D virtual and matchmaking event (curated) where we will be talking about the importance of Climate Justice, the foundation of a Sustainable Future for every single person reading this.

Chantal Amador, Founder of The EA Project.

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