The EA Project welcomes their new media partner, Quota (Food Systems News).

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The EA Project is proud to introduce their new media partner, Quota.

The EA Project was created to unite people around climate action and social causes, break silos and enable collaborations between the main following industries: Agriculture, Transportation, Construction, Industry and Energy, and support them with the help of leaders & experts in finance/investment, education, governance/policy, energy, mobility, startups, supply chain, retail, mentors etc... to highlight and support sustainable/circular study cases, create new synergies and collaboration opportunities, imagine new ways of working together as a Circular Society.

Food & Agriculture represent one of the 5 target industries of The EA Project mentioned above: the 5 human activities emitting the most CO2 and having the biggest impact on climate change.

Quota is on the side of Food Security. And it’s specialist food systems community brings together the global business, policy and research fields to cooperate on reinventing our food systems, for the best.

Sharing common ground, vision & values, The EA Project and Quota join forces to promote & support innovative solutions in the Food industry.

Quota’s mission statement:

Hunger and malnutrition remains the biggest cause of the death in the world – not Covid, not cancer – as we laid out in our opening feature

The world produces enough to feed everyone but dysfunction across subsidies, farming, transport, wages, animal health, poor planning and many other elements of the food system continues to cause 30,000 deaths a day from hunger and malnutrition – even in countries producing plenty. 

One third of all food produced is wasted due to dysfunction in the system. 

One third of all carbon emissions are from food production – so fixing the food system is also the best way to address climate change. 

Simple co-operation across the various elements of the food system – not extra money – would address the problems.

Quota’s specialist food systems community brings together the global business, policy and research fields. We believe that co-operation among this influential group offers the greatest opportunity to change the food system for the better.

The food and agriculture industry is worth at least US$8 trillion. Food-related humanitarian aid has risen to more than US$6.5 billion, up from US$5.3 billion in 2016.
This is big business and we’re here to help it do better.

Quota has been very active raising awareness about the food system crisis and has been taking concrete action through their community.

Most recently, they have been collaborating with Professor Tim Lang to promote his Omni-Framework in anticipation of the UN Food System Summit and introduced a Food label to unleash consumer’s power, which links public health with human rights, the environment with the economy, food inequalities with technical innovation.

We are looking forward to see innovative solutions in the Food Systems blossom through our collaboration.

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Quota, where great minds think aloud

Did you know industrial hemp could be a miracle solution to the food crisis?

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