Turning waste into energy without emitting CO2 and with the efficiency of fossil fuel plants

Thousands of acres of landfills all over the world, polluting our soil. What if we could start working on emptying them to make green hydrogen and start restoring our land?

This innovation we are about to share with is the result of years of research from our member Maurizio Malugani, an Italian Industrial chemistry researcher, entrepreneur for over 30 years and Technology developer for the energy sector who has been dedicating his life to cleaning our planet from its waste.

He built a team, including another of our members Mattia Gianvincenzi, a research engineer working for ITRB Group, in addition of working for ZCTH2 as CMO. He his a specialist in Circular Economy and is working on various projects around the globe, also dedicating his life to a more sustainable and circular future.

We are delighted to introduce ZCTH2

The aim of this energy start-up is to treat waste to producing energy and hydrogen, in an emission-free closed-loop system.

They can treat any kind of waste (exception for construction waste and radioactive waste), therefore even those buried in the landfills, industrial waste, oil processing waste, and special waste!

System process synthetic diagram
Diagram of the system process

Their technology was patented in 2005 and tested from 1994 to 2013 with material and waste way more hazardous and complex than urban waste and landfill waste.

The potential of one million buried waste (graph)
Potential of this technology with 1 million of buried waste and MSW

They are ready for an industrial plant (several technologies which compose the project are all at TRL9). Please read more in the following document and contact us or them directly (we do not take any commission), if you would like to support this project. They are becoming very busy internationally and demand is rising!

We are proud to have them as part of The Circular Society Network and share with you a detailed presentation of their solution here, also available in our virtual world and coffee shop for climate action:

Contact: info@zcth2.com

Website: http://www.zcth2.com/

We wish ZCTH the best of luck in the development of their project!

The Circular Society Network connects for Christmas on December, 9th at 5pm UTC
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